Small Businesses Reject Another Biden Nominee

( – Labor Department nominee Julie Su is facing a strike of sorts before she’s been confirmed. Small business owners are speaking out against President Biden’s nominee for Secretary of Labor with a campaign called “Stand Against Su.”

The coalition includes small business owners, freelancers, and franchise owners, who have taken out costly ads in states where Democratic lawmakers face uncertain election prospects next year.

“Simply put, Julie Su is anti-worker,” according to the campaign. They say she would “cripple” small businesses and destroy millions of jobs Americans need.

Su’s support for stricter employment regulations in California (she ran the state’s labor agency) has convinced the coalition she’s a bad choice for businesses and employees. 

Biden’s nominees for federal agencies are facing unexpectedly stiff opposition. After pushback from Republicans and some Democrats, Gigi Sohn withdrew from consideration for chair of the Federal Communications Commission. Soon after, the nominee to head the Federal Aviation Administration, Phillip Washington, withdrew after his lack of experience in aviation began to be widely discussed.

In both cases, maverick Democrats had a hand in the withdrawal. West Virginia’s Senator Joe Manchin attacked Sohn’s “progressive” political views, and Independent Kyrsten Sinema stopped FAA nominee Washington’s committee vote from taking place.

The Stand Against Su campaign plans to buy billboards in Arizona, Maine, Montana, and West Virginia, all states where Democrats are seen to be weak enough to be pressured into stopping Su’s nomination before it gets a floor vote.

Republican politicians and an increasing number of citizens across political lines are unhappy with Biden’s current agency heads. For example, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg faced intense criticism for appearing to ignore the Feb 3 derailment of a train in East Palestine, Ohio, that released thousands of gallons of toxic chemicals into the air and water.

Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) is the lead Republican on the committee that will question Su during confirmation hearings. He said Su’s support for tighter rules on California employers will be one of the main issues she faces. 

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