Some NC Schools Are Arming Themselves With Assault Rifles

Some NC Schools Are Arming Themselves With Assault Rifles

Mass Shooters Won’t Want To Pick a Fight With THESE Schools

( – The recent string of shootings has everyone on edge. The Uvalde School massacre in Texas became the center of attention after police failed to stop the shooter promptly and save lives. In North Carolina, schools are taking the initiative and arming themselves in case the worst happens.

Sheriff Buddy Harwood recently announced each of the six schools within Madison County will receive semi-automatic rifles and breaching equipment. They will store the ammunition and other supplies in locked safes. The idea behind arming these locations is to give law enforcement access to the equipment when responding to an emergency at any school, rather than having to wait for backup. That way, they can engage the threat as soon as possible.

Harwood noted he wants his deputies to be ready and prepared, citing the systemic failures and poor decision-making that led to the Uvalde shooting’s high death toll. The sheriff mentioned he hopes no one ever has to use any of the supplies they’re placing in schools. The law enforcement officer admitted the situation isn’t ideal, but he wanted the parents in his county to know his department was doing everything it could to protect the children in Madison County.

Do you feel like this is a good plan?

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