Sonic Launches Internal Investigation After ‘Misgendering’ Someone

Sonic Launches Internal Investigation After 'Misgendering' Someone

( – Undoubtedly “woke culture” has become a dangerous thing, essentially giving people the idea they can be rude because someone doesn’t have the same view as they do. One recent example happened at Sonic, a giant in the fast-food industry. Based on a viral video, the company decided it needed to investigate further to get to the bottom of the matter.

The incident in question involves a person who had transitioned from a male to a female. The customer, Eden Torres, went to a Sonic where she said employees disrespected her by calling the transitioned female “sir.” Torres recorded her encounter with one Sonic team member and posted it on the popular social media app TikTok.

People can see the back and forth between Torres and the Sonic employee. She leveled her main complaint at Sonic employees calling her “sir,” despite the fact she wore pink lipstick, long, styled hair, eye makeup and feminine clothing. She believed employees based the misgendering solely on the basis of the name on her credit card.

The Sonic manager listened to Torres’s complaint politely but finally asked whether the name on her credit card was feminine. When Torres answered it was not, the employee insisted his team member had not discriminated against her by referring to the legal gender they saw on her credit card.

Woke culture has become ridiculous. How can someone using a credit card with a male name on it not expect to sometimes be addressed as “sir?” Is it fair to punish people for wrongly guessing someone’s chosen gender? Wouldn’t we all do better with some empathy and respect instead of mad tirades? Sadly, answers seem to be in short supply.

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