Soros Prosecutor Held in Contempt

( – St. Louis prosecutor Kimberly Garnder, who billionaire leftist investor George Soros backed, is facing contempt of court, and she may lose her job.

Republican Attorney General Andrew Bailey is trying to remove Gardner from office, claiming she is not doing her job to enforce the law and protect public safety. Bailey’s suit to dismiss Gardner from her role continued court arguments on April 18th.

At the same time, Gardner is facing possible criminal charges of contempt of court. Gardner’s office was to open a case against an 18-year-old charged with murder on Monday, April 17th. But co-prosecutors from her office simply did not show up in court.

Judge Scott Millikan filed a motion for criminal contempt charges against Gardner, writing that “this conduct thwarts and defeats the authority of the Circuit Court of the City of St. Louis.”

Billionaire leftist investor George Soros has been seeding money in local prosecution elections since 2016, and Kimberly Gardner was one of his first picks. 

Gardner’s office has been accused of mishandling cases for years and described as having a “dysfunctional” work environment. Attorney General Bailey was moved to act after a teen volleyball player in St. Louis for a game was hit by a car and lost her legs.

The suspect in the crash had been charged with assault, armed criminal action, and driving without a license. But when he crashed the car, he was out on bail pending a trial for armed robbery, and apparently violated the terms of his bond several times.

Gardner claimed her office tried to put the suspect back in jail, but Bailey could find no court records showing Gardner’s office took any action or asked the court for anything. The prosecutor’s office is responsible for holding suspects to the terms of their bond.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle asked for Gardner’s resignation after the February incident. AG Bailey filed a motion to have her removed.

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