Speaker Johnson Backs $14B for Israel, Urges Fiscal Responsibility

(RepublicanNews.org) – Most readers would likely expect newly-elected Speaker of the House Mike Johnson to take a firm position of support behind the State of Israel. Johnson’s evangelical nature is well-known, and the Louisiana legislator has broadcast his religious leanings throughout his entire political career. Instead of making general references to God in his victory speech, he quoted specific scriptures.

One day after his October 25th win, Johnson sat down with Sean Hannity for his first interview as the leader of his chamber. He clarified what many were already expecting, which was a statement of solidarity with the Middle East’s lone Western-style democracy, Israel. His apparent support of the Jewish State was not limited only to words.

According to the nation’s newest speaker, the House is ready to offer Israel some $14.5 billion in support, which is slightly higher than what the country was initially reported to have requested from the Biden administration. Johnson indicated that the aid would come with strings and stipulations, though apparently not for the Israelis.

For the House to push the bill through, the White House must be willing to slash spending elsewhere. In exchange for what Johnson referred to as “pay-fors,” the Biden administration will have its aid package. According to what the speaker told Hannity, each dollar in the $14.5 billion sum will have to be offset elsewhere by other cuts.

He referred to the final figure as being tied to “very specific measures” that are connected to a “specific number.” When questioned about the potential for an expansion of the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, Johnson told Hannity that he had reminded President Biden of his need for congressional approval to do so.

The speaker was clear with his host that while he supported the notion that Israel had a right to defend itself, he would prefer to avert the use of American troops in kinetic operations.

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