Special Council Weiss Worked with Beau Biden, Raising New Questions

Special Council Weiss Worked with Beau Biden, Raising New Questions

(RepublicanNews.org) – The suspicions regarding the relationship between the Department of Justice and the Biden family continue to grow more apparent with each passing week. The Washington Post is now reporting that the Special Counsel currently investigating Hunter Biden once worked alongside his now-deceased brother during his tenure as Delaware’s Attorney General.

According to the outlet, Beau Biden partnered with attorney David Weiss during a 2010 fraud prosecution. Their combined efforts led to a successful conviction, and the two released a joint statement at the time. The Post frames the new revelations as part of a set of “deep challenges” Weiss now faces as the attorney helms the investigation into the President’s remaining son.

The attorney’s past and present ability to remain politically impartial has been called into question by some, including two recent IRS whistleblowers. Special Agents Gary Shapley and Joseph Zeigler both testified under oath to Congress that U.S. attorney David Weiss was among a group of individuals connected to the DOJ responsible for showing favoritism to Hunter Biden.

The President’s son escaped hefty charges for tax evasion and gun crimes after a years-long investigation. Agents Shapley and Zeigler, who happen to be lifelong Democrats, allege that David Weiss and AG Merrick Garland steered their investigation of Hunter Biden into a plea agreement of little consequence.

Hunter Biden was eventually charged with two misdemeanors and also avoided jail. The agents both said the President’s son was given preferential treatment by Delaware prosecutors. After the presiding judge found that the agreement would give Hunter Biden blanket immunity from future prosecution, they refused to sign off on it.

Public outcry over Hunter Biden’s “sweetheart deal” eventually forced AG Garland to appoint an independent Special Counsel to oversee a fresh investigation. The Special Counsel, David Weiss, was one of the individuals Shapley and Zeigler had said was initially responsible for downplaying their investigation into the President’s son.

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