Sports Coach Arrested After Phone Contents Discovered

( – Police in Franklin, TN, have announced the arrest of a “popular” soccer coach in the area who allegedly raped many of the young boys under his watch. 63-year-old Camilo Hurtado Campos was taken into custody on June 23rd after authorities were contacted by an area restaurant. Staff at the business told police they had inadvertently found extreme material involving minors on Campos’ phone.

According to the police, Campos had left his phone at the restaurant following a meal. Workers found the device and while trying to determine ownership discovered dozens of videos and images of an “unconscionable” nature.

After the device was turned over to police on June 22nd, Franklin authorities said they found hundreds of additional still and video files. Police are saying that Campos “recorded himself” engaging in the rape of boys from 9-17 years old who were unconscious.

Officials have confirmed that amongst the files thus far they have found evidence of “at least” ten separate rapes. The police department had initially acknowledged they were able to confirm the identity of three of the victims, though a local outlet is saying a fourth victim has been identified. That same outlet reports that since the arrest of Campos was announced, another five victims have come forward that police were unaware of.

Detectives are saying that many victims may not be aware of their possible rapes because of the fact that Campos allegedly drugged an unknown number of his subjects.

He is alleged to have frequented playgrounds at local schools in an effort to recruit young boys for his soccer team. Questions as to how the alleged abuse went undetected for an almost 20-year period are being asked.

Anel Flores, a local leader familiar with the Hispanic community, said that Latinos are hesitant to contact authorities. Flores said the community is culturally wary of the police and that she has been working to bridge that gap over her career.

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