Staggering Number of Republicans Think McConnell Should Resign

( – An overwhelming number of Republicans are saying that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell needs to step down, according to the latest numbers from Rasmussen. While many consider the pollster’s numbers to be on par with scripture, many do not. Even if their latest calculation is off by 10 percent, most conservatives still appear to be in favor of McConnell’s resignation.

By the numbers, 74 percent of respondents say the longtime Republican senator should call it a day. Survey participants cited health concerns as the reasoning behind their position. The 81-year-old McConnell has served in Congress since 1985 and many voters and pundits on both sides of the political aisle feel that he is suffering from a neurological ailment as evidenced by two recent on-camera appearances.

Of the Republicans who were polled, only 17 percent disagreed with the assertion that McConnell should resign. Amongst Democrats who were surveyed, 73 percent agreed that he should step down. Only 34 percent of Republicans said they had a favorable impression of the senator and just seven percent said their view of him was “very favorable.”

During a recent appearance in Kentucky, McConnell froze mid-statement in a moment that reminded many of a stroke or seizure. It was the second time it had happened to the senator in just a few weeks. Both instances took place in full view of the media and speculation as to what was wrong began mounting immediately.

Polling data aside, McConnell announced just days before Rasmussen released their latest numbers that he had no intention of retiring before his term expires in 2026. His tenure in Congress technically does not end until the following year and by that time he will be 87 years old.

Although the aging Republican admitted to suffering a concussion after falling once last spring, his office contends that the senator’s health is fine. One report suggested he was falling frequently.

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