State Department May Deport Hamas Supporters

( – Eight days after Hamas invaded Israel, Senator Marco Rubio sent a letter to America’s chief diplomat. He demanded that the U.S. Department of State begin revoking visas for anyone who was found to have participated in stateside demonstrations that were held in support of the terrorist-designated group.

The Florida legislator’s note to Antony Blinken was sparked by a series of well-covered campus protests that were held in opposition to responsive actions taken by the Jewish State after October 7th. Rubio urged the Secretary of State to begin immediately using “existing law to” extricate what he said was an atmosphere of hatred from the country.

The Republican further informed Blinken that he would be penning new legislation that would ensure that supporters of Hamas and other foreign terrorist organizations were unable to benefit from what he called American generosity. Exactly one month after Senator Rubio issued his plea to the State Department, the agency responded.

They noted that they do indeed have the power to rescind visas belonging to foreign nationals and that those who have voiced support for Hamas may be subject to revocation. In their letter of response, which Rubio posted to his Twitter account, the department told the Florida lawmaker that the Immigration and Nationality Act gives them broad jurisdiction to revoke visas and visa applications.

They told Rubio that their authority to do so is exercised when there is demonstrable evidence or information that suggests an American visa holder is ineligible for residency in the country. According to the State Department’s response, visa rescission is not limited to those knowingly engaged in terrorism-related activities.

It also extends to those who have chosen to support and/or endorse groups that have been officially designated as terrorist entities. Rubio is among many conservative legislators who have advocated for expelling terrorist supporters.

Florida recently banned certain pro-Hamas and pro-Palestinian student groups from public university campuses statewide.

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