State Passes Banning of Abortion in Supreme Court Fight

State Passes Banning of Abortion in Supreme Court Fight

( – During the 2016 campaign cycle, Donald Trump pledged to appoint Supreme Court Justices to the bench willing to overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark case granting women the right to have an abortion. It “will happen, automatically,” he said, once he was elected to office.

Trump appointed three Justices to the bench during his first term, handing Conservatives a 6-3 advantage. Arkansas’ Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson stepped up and signed a new abortion bill, State Bill 1, on March 9, which is all but guaranteed to make it to the US Supreme Court.

As Hutchinson explained in a press release, the law contradicts prior “binding precedents” handed down by the nation’s highest court. The whole reason he supported SB1 was to carve out a pathway for the Supreme Court to “overturn current case law,” Roe v. Wade in this instance.

SB1 prohibits all abortions except to protect the health or save the life of the unborn fetus or the mother. Unlike other states, Arkansas’ new bill provides no exception for instances of rape or incest.

Including Arkansas, at least 14 state legislatures are working to pass abortion laws designed to challenge Roe v. Wade. We’ll keep you posted on developments in this multi-state effort.

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