Steube Speaks Out on Govt. Weaponization Against Trump

( – During a November 16th Newsmax appearance, Rep. Greg Steube told Carl Higbie that the Department of Justice has chosen to engage in a double standard of sorts in their targeting of the former Commander-in-Chief. The Republican pointed out to the FRONTLINE host that while Donald Trump and President Joe Biden have each been accused of mishandling classified documents, only the former President has been charged.

Steube is among a chorus of conservative legislators who insist the agency has been weaponized. Their collective feelings on the topic are so strong that they set up a House subcommittee in January of 2023 to investigate the matter.

In his exchange with Higbie, the Florida lawmaker said the fact that Biden’s alleged crimes have been ignored is an amazing illustration that shows the public that the federal government has used the FBI and DOJ to target the political opponents of the liberal establishment order. Steube said leftist officials were pursuing the ex-President with indictments nationwide despite being in possession of evidence that shows President Biden is himself guilty of committing crimes.

Steube’s comments were in reference to a report that was released earlier that day in which The Wall Street Journal wrote that charges would not be brought against President Biden in spite of classified documents allegedly being found on private property he owned on at least four separate occasions. The documents in question were said to be from Biden’s tenure as the country’s Vice President.

According to a number of reports, some of the sensitive files were discovered unguarded in the President’s Wilmington garage. Their discovery prompted a special counsel investigation that appears to have yielded no consequences.

In the meantime, former President Trump is due to begin his classified documents proceedings on May 20th. Rep. Steube’s support of the ex-head of state regarding the case is nothing new. He blasted the FBI and DOJ the day after they raided Trump’s Florida residence.

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