Students Walk Out in Protest Over Trans Bathroom Rule

( – Over 300 Pennsylvania high schoolers took part in an organized protest on September 15th and staged a campus-wide walkout after their district officials appeared to bow to the demands of the woke establishment. Though the protest has received some coverage, most mainstream outlets are not carrying the story.

The seemingly morally outraged teenagers were furious that men would be allowed to use women’s restrooms in the Perkiomen Valley School District thanks to a new policy being implemented.

The genesis of the events arose when a female student at Perkiomen Valley High complained that she had run into what she thought was a biological man in her school restroom. When she told her father about what had happened, he complained to his daughter’s administration.

Her family says they were told she would be allowed to use a private bathroom if she wanted, but that trans students would still be able to access the traditional women’s restroom at her school. Controversy followed from the student body and the board met to deal with the fallout.

Members voted to strike down a proposal that was set to require students to use the bathroom of their biological makeup. In what some might consider to be an ironic moment, Superintendent Barbara Russell said that her district’s restrooms should not be considered “co-ed.”

The proposal in question was brought by Tim Jagger, who happened to be the father of the girl that encountered who she assumed was a transgender student. His attempt failed, despite having what appeared to be widespread community support as evidenced by the student walkout.

Many parents and students voiced concerns about the safety implications of the district’s new policy. Reports continue to pop up around the country of instances of male-on-female violence in public school bathrooms. Those occurrences are reported to have begun when female-identifying boys were able to legally access a bathroom they otherwise would not have been allowed to.

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