Supreme Court Finally Listens!

The Supreme Court Finally Hears DHS Case

The Supreme Court Finally Hears DHS Case

( – The Biden administration and the Lone Star State disagree on immigration enforcement. As a result, the Supreme Court recently heard arguments from both sides in a lengthy session, but the judges appeared to be divided on the issue at hand.

At the core of this problem is whether federal officials should detain, arrest, or deport every criminal illegal immigrant they come across — or if, instead, they should act at their own discretion. Under the latter, officials would have the power to decide to arrest an undocumented individual after making a comprehensive assessment and weighing the risk they posed to America’s public safety.

The state of Texas feels federal authorities should take all criminal aliens they encounter into custody and send them back to their countries of origin. Elizabeth Prelogar, the US Solicitor General, argued that the federal government doesn’t have the resources, according to The Hill, to arrest undocumented individuals without any discretion. Prelogar asserted if they took the approach Texas wanted, officials wouldn’t have the ability to focus on the people who posed the largest threat to public and national security.

The LA Times reported that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh acknowledged neither Democrats nor Republicans had the resources to detain or arrest every undocumented individual charged with a felony in the US. The conservative judge declared that wouldn’t change even if Texas won the case.

The three liberal judges on the bench seemingly agreed with Prelogar’s arguments, while their conservative counterparts partially agreed. The justices likely won’t hand down a decision in the US v. Texas case until at least Summer 2023.

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