Teacher Unions Back Biden

(RepublicanNews.org) – Surprising no one, the two largest labor unions for teachers endorsed President Joe Biden for reelection on April 26th.

The largest union, the National Education Association (NEA), said it was “enthusiastically” supporting Biden and running mate Vice President Kamala Harris. The NEA called the pair “tireless advocates for public education,” bestowing superlatives on them as “the most pro-public education” administration in recent history. 

The NEA is particularly pleased with the administration’s opening the wallet to spend more on education, its attempts to make taxpayers pay for other people’s student loans, and for gun control.

The nation’s second-largest teacher’s union, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), sounded almost exactly the same notes. AFT President Randi Weingarten gushed that the administration was “the most pro-worker, pro-labor, pro-education administration we have ever seen.”

Weingarten herself is a controversial figure, pushing as she did to schools closed during the pandemic while claiming that critics who notice this are lying, and she actually tried to get schools back open. 

The labor boss said history will consider Biden’s first term a huge success, and that reelecting him is a “historic opportunity” for Americans. 

Both the NEA and the AFT have worked closely with the White House since Biden took over, and their outsized influence on school closures and pandemic policy has been noticeable. Both groups talked with the Centers for Disease Control in 2021 to shape school reopening policies. Critics asked whether the CDC should be taking union politics into consideration when making decisions that are alleged to be about public health. 

The New York Post got a hold of emails between CDC leaders and the AFT that took place just before Biden announced school reopening plans in February 2021. Many of the eventual policies were nearly word-for-word taken from the AFT’s “suggestions.”

As expected, AFT President Randi Weingarten characterized the communications as normal and in no way out of the ordinary. 

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