Ted Cruz Forces FBI Director To Make a Major Confession

Ted Cruz Forces FBI Director To Make a Major Confession

FBI Director Makes BOMBSHELL Statement

(RepublicanNews.org) – Right now, Democrats are working hard to use the January 6 hearings as anti-GOP propaganda. Still, a senior Republican has hit back — and forced a stunning admission out of the FBI. It turns out investigators have already discredited the lead agent in the Capitol riot investigation after a botched case in Michigan.

At a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on August 4, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) grilled FBI Director Christopher Wray over the identity of the Assistant Director in Charge (ADIC) of the Bureau’s Washington, DC field office. That bureau is responsible for investigating the January 6 riots under the direction of its chief. Finally, after trying to change the subject to another agent, Wray admitted that the Washington ADIC is Steven D’Antuono — the former Special Agent in Charge of the Detroit Field Office.

D’Antuono was head of the Detroit office in 2020 when the FBI arrested six militia members it accused of plotting to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D). At the time, the FBI played up the arrests as evidence of a right-wing plot — but since then, it’s become an embarrassment to the Bureau.

At least one key member of the alleged plot was an FBI informant, and defense attorneys argued the FBI entrapped the accused by encouraging them to go along with the plan. Courts have acquitted several defendants at trial, and others are waiting for a new court appearance after the case against them collapsed in a mistrial.

Cruz blasted Wray after his admission, saying D’Antuono was “run out of the FBI Detroit field office.” The Republican senator added it was “astonishing” that after his failure in Michigan, the director had promoted the official and placed him in charge of the January 6 probe. Is it wise to entrust such an important case to an agent with a track record of dubious tactics?

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