Ted Cruz Slams Biden’s Criteria for SCOTUS Search

Ted Cruz Slams Biden’s Criteria for SCOTUS Search

(RepublicanNews.org) – Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer recently announced his intention to retire from the bench. His announcement forced President Joe Biden to name a successor to fill the upcoming gap, and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) recently expressed outrage over the pick.

Cruz recently ripped into Biden over his promise to nominate a black woman to fill the vacancy. The Republican leader labeled the move offensive and insulting.

While speaking on his podcast, “Verdict,” Cruz explained his position on Biden’s vow to nominate a black woman for the SCOTUS. The senator claims Biden is essentially telling other Americans they don’t count; they’re ineligible.

Cruz argues that Biden is being disingenuous by taking this stance. He feels the president is essentially telling other Americans — who are not specifically black women — not even to try because he’s not going to pick them even if they’re more qualified for the job.

Biden’s current nomination list includes front-runner Ketanji Brown Jackson, Leondra Kruger, J. Michelle Childs, Sherrilyn Ifill, Eunice Lee and Candace Jackson-Akiwumi.

As Democrats urge the president to pick a younger and more progressive justice, some advocacy groups are pushing Biden to nominate a Latino justice instead. If the commander-in-chief opts to take this alternate path, it will likely tarnish his relationship with the black voters who catapulted him into the Oval Office in the first place.

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