Texas Congressman Decries Conditions At Chaotic Southern Border as “Apocalyptic”

(RepublicanNews.Org) – Rep. Tony Gonzales, speaking on “America’s Newsroom” on December 21st, says he has never seen the conditions so bad at Border Patrol processing centers in El Paso. Video footage aired on the show reveals a facility so over capacity that people are sleeping crowded together on the floor, under foil blankets. Five days after the footage initially came to light, Gonzales confirms that there are still over 4000 migrants in that center, many of whom are sick and with little access to sanitation.

Conditions for migrants in the city of El Paso are no better. Due to the huge volume of people crossing the border, shelters in the city are already full, and migrants are sleeping on cardboard on the streets, depending on charities for hot food.

Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott has written to the White House, asking them to “stop the lie” that the border is secure and deploy federal assets to address “the dire problems you have caused.” He points out that the current border policies are creating a humanitarian crisis in communities along the southern border, which are not equipped to deal with the massive influx of people in need of housing, money, health care, and education. The flood of humans also carries with it a flood of fentanyl, with cartels offering migrants cash payments to carry drug packages across the border for them. 60% of the fentanyl in the U.S. enters across the southern border.

The problem is particularly acute at the moment due to the expectation that Title 42 would expire on 21st December. Title 42 was a public health rule, allowing Border Patrol agents to return arrested migrants to their countries of origin quickly. Thousands of migrants have made their way to Mexico, waiting to rush across the border when Title 42 ceases to apply.

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