Texas Group Had Bailed Out Suspect in Austin, San Antonio Shootings

(RepublicanNews.org) – A 34-year-old man accused of committing six murders across Texas in a single day in a shooting spree has reportedly previously faced charges for assaulting a family member, for which he was released on bail with the assistance of a non-profit progressive organization.

Shane James, a former U.S. Army Infantry officer who served from February 2013 to August 2015, is facing multiple counts of capital murder for the alleged killings and injuries inflicted in Bexar County and Austin.

The shooting spree began at around 10:45 am on Tuesday, December 5th, and lasted several hours. An Austin Independent School district police officer was injured in Bachman Drive before police received reports of a slain male and female in Shady Wood Drive just over an hour later. A cyclist was shot at around 5 pm, suffering non-life-threatening injuries.

Later that day, an Austin police officer was shot while responding to a burglary in progress, surviving with non-life-threatening injuries. James then fled the scene in a vehicle, which he crashed just minutes later, and was promptly arrested by officers. Upon returning to the scene of the burglary, officers found another two victims dead.

In January 2022, James faced charges of aggravated assault against his mother, father, and sister, as reported by Fox San Antonio. Bail records reveal that the Texas Organizing Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to progressive causes, facilitated his release.

In response to the news, the group said it was “deeply troubled” by the shooting spree, adding that it takes its responsibilities seriously and would address the immediate impact and the “broader implications for our bail program.” The group had not had any contact with James since March 2022, highlighting that it cannot “anticipate the future actions of individuals.”

James is being held without bond.

Governor of Texas Greg Abbott said the state was grieving for the victims’ families, and that the “hardened criminal” must “never see the light of day again.”

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