The Future for Small Business Owners in 2021

The Future for Small Business Owners in 2021

( – No matter how one looks at it, 2020 was a rough year for small business owners. COVID-19 induced the worst economic crisis the country has faced in more than 80 years. Local and statewide quarantines and restrictions shuttered many businesses for months, some permanently.

As First Daughter Ivanka Trump noted, most lockdowns were ill-advised and arbitrary at best, making things all the more challenging for small businesses trying to make ends meet.

To enjoy optimal economic recovery and success in 2021, business owners will need to rethink their strategies. Moving forward, they should work to improve their company’s digital footprint. That means working on building organic links to their websites and creating or expanding their social media presence.

Small Business Trends recently reported that 72% of small business owners remain optimistic about their success moving into the future. However, they’ll need to learn to step outside their comfort zone and try new systems in 2021.

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