“The Marvels” Director Goes Full Woke as Movie Flops

(RepublicanNews.org) – Director Nia DaCosta has used gender, race, and adulterous preferences as a last-ditch defense of her work as Disney’s “The Marvels” becomes the most financially disastrous film in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. According to studio estimations released on Sunday, “The Marvels” debuted with just $47 million, despite apparently costing $250 million to film.

This is a new low for the superhero business. Box Office Mojo reports that, out of Marvel’s 33 films, this is just the third to gross beneath $60 million in its opening weekend.  Franchise Research Entertainment CEO David A. Gross dubbed it a “historic” drop in revenue for a Marvel film.

Rotten Tomatoes revealed that the audience response and the film’s poor reviews were unimpressive.

In a late October interview with Variety before the film’s release on November 10th, Nia DaCosta called her critics “bigots.” It should be noted that white men make up the bulk of her film’s audience.

“The Marvels” had already been receiving tremendously unfavorable social media criticism for its “woke” treatment of superhero mythology and actress Brie Larson. The film was on course to report exceptionally low numbers at the box office. “The Marvels” ultimately had the worst international debut in the brand’s 15-year history.

The writers’ strike and the film’s failure were only the most recent in a series of misfortunes for Disney, which also includes declining TV viewership and a stock valuation that has touched its lowest levels in over a decade. Additionally, Disney is dealing with allegations of harassment and assault leveled at the next main man of Marvel, Jonathan Majors.

The allegations of sexism and racial discrimination made by DaCosta were ultimately disproven. A study of opening-weekend moviegoers published by Breitbart News revealed that men significantly outnumbered women and that caucasian moviegoers made up the film’s biggest demographic.

It is unknown how many LGBT individuals waited in line to see the movie, if any.

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