The One Word That ‘Destroyed’ Trump’s Defense

( – Though it is unclear if longtime MSNBC anchor Lawrence O’Donnell was trying to employ a hidden or not-so-hidden pun about former President Donald Trump during his November 6 broadcast, he appears to have done so whether it was intentional or not. While referencing the ex-Commander-in-Chief’s testimony at the Trump Organization’s New York trial for civil fraud, The Last Word host said the former head-of-state did himself in with a “one-word answer.”

Rather than take advantage of his Fifth Amendment rights, Trump agreed to engage with prosecutors in the witness box. His testimony, which took place only a few hours before O’Donnell recorded the broadcast in question, has been called everything from chaotic to fiery to contentious.

The single-word response the left-leaning anchor was referring to was given after Trump was asked which of his executives was tasked with detecting and preventing fraud. O’Donnell, who has a home on a network that many would agree is among the most liberal in the Western hemisphere, appeared to frame the ex-President’s response as a standalone isolated word that was followed by a long pause.

According to the host, Trump said “everybody” and left it at that. Most who are familiar with the ex-President’s disposition would likely assume that he followed up his one-word answer with a lengthier opinion, especially considering the fact that mainstream outlets have uniformly described his back-and-forths with both prosecutors and Judge Engoron as disorderly.

Whether Trump sat silently after providing his answer or not, O’Donnell described the phrase as “the stupidest possible” utterance he could have provided. The MSNBC host seemed to opine that the former president had single-handedly torpedoed the Trump Organization’s entire case.

Famed conservative legal expert Jonathan Turley said the former President’s testimony appeared to be directed at the American people. Even if he is eventually convicted, the scholar said his litany of cases has served to do nothing except “increase Trump’s popularity.”

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