The Progressives Are Pushing to Get Rid of the Filibuster

The Progressives Are Pushing to Get Rid of the Filibuster

( – A significant number of Democrats feel strongly enough about the filibuster to actively speak out in favor of ending it for good. Those opposing the filibuster say it’s necessary if America ever hopes to achieve an election form that truly benefits voters. But should this take precedence over other issues currently on the table, such as the newest expensive infrastructure deal?

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) doesn’t seem to think so. He says the party simply isn’t dealing with it right now.

Junior Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) agrees. He says the party “shouldn’t go there yet” because they have far too many other important topics to focus on.

Senator Coons believes that the bipartisan infrastructure plan and the party-line multi-trillion-dollar spending bill needs to be the focus for Democrats, rather than the filibuster. He says that particular debate might become relevant again in a few weeks, but surely won’t be settled by next week.

Senator Manchin stands firmly against ending the filibuster. He prioritizes getting at least 10 Republicans on board with the Democrats’ latest election agreement.

Democrats need all 50 of their fellow members to agree in order to abolish the filibuster. Yet, their efforts seem to lose energy day by day, with Manchin and other moderates failing to see it as a priority at the present point in time. There’s no way to predict whether this situation will turn itself around as of right now — especially if they can’t agree on other important topics.

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