The Queen Is Skipping the Scotland Climate Conference

The Queen Is Skipping the Scotland Climate Conference

( – Leaders from all over the world are meeting at the COP26 Summit on climate change in Glasgow, Scotland. However, one well-known British monarch will not be present at the UN-hosted event. Queen Elizabeth II recently excused herself from the event for health reasons, prompting some to share concerns about her overall wellness.

The Queen’s Cancelation

The decision for the Queen to refrain from attending the COP26 meeting in Glasgow came on October 21, shortly after she spent the night at King Edward VII’s Hospital undergoing precautionary tests. That immediately prompted a slew of comments from supporters of the monarchy both in Britain and around the world. Many observers worry the 95-year-old’s health is fading.

Queen Elizabeth has since returned to Windsor Castle, where she continues to work light duties only. Her Majesty expressed disappointment over having to cancel her Glasgow trip. She plans to follow the orders of medical advisors that insisted he get rest, but will send a pre-recorded video message to the assembly.

The Queen’s Opinion

Leaders around the globe have varying opinions on climate change. Some say it’s all fake, while others believe it’s real and may ultimately end civilization. Queen Elizabeth has never clarified her position; according to the British Constitution, she is above politics and typically adheres to that standard by refraining from giving her viewpoint in public. On the other hand, her son, Prince Charles, and his son, Prince William, have been open and straightforward in sharing their environmental ideologies.

Insiders claim the Queen expresses irritation with inaction on the part of international governments regarding climate change. The monarch has also accused leaders of talking at length about change but failing to take action in the past.

Previous Health Concerns

Queen Elizabeth previously had to cancel a trip to Northern Ireland for similar reasons; health advisors insisted she rest. While the royal was allegedly upset by the advice, she agreed to obey their orders at the time.

Just a couple of weeks ago, locals in Britain witnessed the Queen using a cane for the first time since her knee surgery in 2003. She also used an alternate entrance into Westminster Abbey that shortened the journey inside. The palace claimed that both instances were for the comfort of Her Majesty and insisted that all was well.

The Queen has had a rough year and a half, between fighting through the pandemic, losing her husband and struggling to manage her son Prince Andrew’s legal troubles. Still, there is no indication that she’s suffering from a serious illness or disease. The world is certain to maintain a close watchful eye on her in case health complications arise.

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