The Star of ‘Hamilton: An American Musical’ Fights Back Against Wokeism

The Star of 'Hamilton: An American Musical' Fights Back Against Wokeism

( – Cancel culture has become a standard part of society today. When people don’t like something, for whatever reason, they often push to shut it down. More often than not, woke cancel mods target movies and shows that are offensive or lack representation.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the star of “Hamilton: An American Musical,” received criticism over his “In the Heights” musical over the summer. The singer fought back over the weekend. Critics said that Miranda’s “In the Heights” lacked representation of the Afro-Latino community. He apologized for the lack of racial diversity in his cast and said he would learn from his mistakes.

Miranda noted that no matter how well his work does at the box office, someone somewhere will always have something to say about it. He called that fact fair and admitted to doing the same when he saw work he believed was lacking. The singer and playwright then explained that he doesn’t see the criticisms as cancellation; instead, he sees them as opinions.

Miranda insists that creators must learn from their mistakes. Yet, he says they shouldn’t focus on how people will receive their work while they’re creating it.

The Broadway star feels that if a creator begins to fear what people will think of their work during the creation stage, it’s already over for them. He asserts that when it’s all said and done, people can’t control how the world will receive them. The only thing they can control is their intentions.

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