These Apps Might Save You Money at the Pump

These Apps Might Save You Money at the Pump

Save Major Cash At Gas Pumps With These Amazing Apps

( – Gas prices are often reasonable in the United States. Occasionally, fuel costs skyrocket, forcing Americans to choose between filling the tank or paying for other expenses. The thriftiest individuals immediately start searching for ways to save by finding fuel at the lowest prices possible. These apps help by shaving dollars off your total at the pump.

A Friend Indeed

The GasBuddy app is top-rated and valuable, providing instant access to a list of stations nearby with the cheapest gas and a simple filtering option to sort your options further. Search for stations by fuel grades, cash/credit acceptance and gas prices.

GasBuddy also offers a handy trip calculator that lets users add where they’re going, the type of fuel they use, and the car they plan to drive. It will then estimate the total gas needed and how much the trip will cost.

Why Not Consult a Guru?

Another app to help people save money at the pump is Gas Guru. The app offers a color-coded map of gas stations near you: Red is the most expensive, while green is the cheapest. It doesn’t offer the same features as GasBuddy, but it can still help you save.

Using the Apps

There’s no need to create an account; just to use either of these two useful apps. They’re freely accessible to anyone who wants to use them. GasBuddy even offers a selection of its tools for use within your computer’s web browser, if that’s easier for you to navigate.

While each app has its perks and disadvantages, they are remarkably similar in several important ways. Both GasBuddy and Gas Guru allow you to report inaccurate information, such as when prices differ from what’s on the app. In addition, both apps offer navigation instructions to direct you to whichever gas station you choose.

Perhaps the best part of both of these money-saving apps is the fact that they’re free. After all, why pay for an app designed to help you save money?

Gas prices play a crucial role in how Americans spend their money. When prices are low, they tend to be more willing to fill the tank up more often. On the flip side, when prices are high, it forces many families to become more frugal with their money to ensure they can still pay off expenses and feed their families. Cutting even a few cents off your bill with these apps can help, especially if you’re diligent about using them every single time.

Which one will you pick?

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