These Companies Provide Assistance to Abortion-Seeking Employees

These Companies Provide Assistance to Abortion-Seeking Employees

A List of Companies That Took A Pro Choice Stand – Be On The Look Out

( – Politico’s leaking of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion regarding the overruling of “Roe v. Wade,” a 1973 landmark ruling solidifying abortion rights, is causing quite a commotion. Protests have already begun on the streets, and lawmakers actively condemn the court’s potential actions. Now, many “woke” companies are standing up to vow support for employees who need to access abortion services, even though the court has yet to hand down an official ruling on the matter.

The companies, including retail titan Amazon, are offering to cover travel costs for women and, sometimes, even the cost of the procedure itself. According to Reuters, Amazon offered up to $4,000 toward expenses. It will also cover the total cost of abortion once per year per eligible employee.

But Jeff Bezos’s conglomerate isn’t the only company getting involved. Yelp, Lyft, Uber, Citigroup, Salesforce, Bumble, Match Group, and even the timeless American standard Levi Strauss & Company have each taken a similar path. In fact, the jean maker recently told workers that it offers a benefits program capable of reimbursing them for costs.

The issue of abortion is deeply polarizing; most Democrats support it, while most Republicans disapprove. But a recent Fox News poll found that most Americans want some kind of restriction placed on abortions, if not a ban on them altogether. Are these companies just trying to please the radical Left to avoid getting canceled?

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