These Republicans Caved to Democrats

These Republicans Caved to Democrats

( – After months of standing off, the Republican and Democratic parties apparently have reached an agreement. While some believe the move is only temporary, it does offer some relief. The looming national debt ceiling and pressure of potential default caused several Republicans to cave and support a Democrat-sponsored bill to raise the debt ceiling temporarily.

The debt ceiling extension the Senate passed on October 7 is only short term. On December 3, the chamber of Congress will have to go through the voting process once again for more concrete action. A 50-48 vote increased the debt ceiling by $480 billion, a measure that only needed a simple majority.

The real story is in the procedural hurdle lawmakers had to overcome to get that far. To end the filibuster, the Senate required 60 votes. Despite former President Trump’s call not to side with Democrats, 11 GOP senators crossed the aisle in bipartisan support to break the procedural wall.

It’s likely Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and the other Republicans who followed him cracked under the pressure of potentially harming the US and global economies by failing to extend the debt ceiling. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) indicated the two parties agreed to a limited extension to give Democrats more time to iron out their reconciliation bill.

Several GOP members criticized McConnell’s actions, accusing him of caving to Democrats’ opposition instead of insisting they should have raised the debt limit through budget reconciliation. Still, as stated before, this is only temporary relief. It’s hard to determine whether Republicans will be firmer in their resolve in December, when Congress must deal with the debt ceiling once again.

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