These Trucks Are About To Be Banned!

CA Is Planning To Ban Diesel Trucks

CA Is Planning To Ban Diesel Trucks

( – California has taken a hardline stance on fossil fuels in its fight against climate change. The Golden State’s top regulatory board, the California Air and Resources Board (CARB) has already passed rules to ban the sale of new cars that require gasoline by 2035. Now, the state is moving to implement similar measures on diesel trucks.

According to the Wall Street Journal, CARB is hoping to implement a new rule that would require all new big rigs to be powered by green energy by 2024. Beginning in 2025, the state would ban internal combustion trucks with over 800,000 miles on the odometer from operating in California’s railyards and ports.

Truckers aren’t the only ones the new rule would impact. The latest proposal would eventually affect long-haul trucks, fleet vans, and buses, pushing them to become zero-emission vehicles. The timelines for the transition for each type of vehicle would vary.

While the move is largely supported among regulators, truckers are hesitant, declaring they face several challenges in transitioning from internal combustion engines to electric ones. A big issue is the complete lack of charging stations for big rigs.

Long trips will also become illogical, as most electric trucks only have a range of 100-200 miles. Another mountain to overcome is the difference in pricing between a traditional truck and an electric one, with the latter costing around $150,000. CARB is set to vote on the proposal in the spring.

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