This Airbnb Home Looks Like the Squid Game Headquarters

This Airbnb Home Looks Like the Squid Game Headquarters

( – A new series on Netflix, Squid Game, has quickly gained popularity. The show features a dystopian backdrop in which contestants compete to win money, and the losers don’t go home.

In the series, the game’s headquarters resembles a Penrose staircase, much like the final surreal scene from Jim Henson’s “Labyrinth” minus the gravity-defying physics. Well, one Airbnb rental resembles the headquarters, leaving fans both fascinated and chilled.

Oddly, the building has nothing to do with the show as Ricardo Bofill designed the building, known as La Muralla Roja, or “the Red Wall,” in 1968. Construction on the Red Wall occurred in 1973, long before the popular Netflix series made its impact.

La Muralla Roja’s fortress-like structure features about 50 homes throughout its entirety, each connected by patios and staircases. The building’s design is a reconceptualization of adobe buildings of North Africa and kasbahs. The colorful building in Manzanera, Calpe, sits atop a rocky cliff and overlooks the Balearic Sea.

Every guest has access to amenities such as the swimming pool and roof terrace, and they can also enjoy scenic ocean views from their balconies. Visitors can stay in La Muralla Roja for between $110 to $270 per night.

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