Tim Scott Ad Targets China

(RepublicanNews.org) – The latest advertisement released by South Carolina Senator Tim Scott is putting President Biden’s alleged close relationship with the Chinese Communist Party’s Xi Jinping front and center.

In the piece, which is currently running in Iowa, Sen. Scott accuses the American head-of-state of selling out stateside jobs to overseas Sino-based interests. He further says the President is guilty of continuing to borrow money from the Marxist regime. “For too long,” Scott says in the ad, “Biden has caved to China.”

American workers have been “sold out” by his policies, according to the senator. If elected president, Scott promises voters he’ll go head to head with President Xi. He vows to neither “bow” nor “blink” in the face of the Chinese leader, to cut off credit from the nation, to increase domestic energy production, to empower American manufacturing, and to bring overseas supply chains home.

While many might say that Scott’s ad is full of hyperbole, those same people would likely be forced to contend with the fact that even mainstream reports have suggested that Biden and Xi maintain a very close relationship. The President has repeatedly referenced the apparent history he has with his Chinese counterpart on planes.

Many have doubted the accuracy of the President’s claim, but Biden is still insistent that the two men have flown at least 17,000 miles together. Xi has never publicly substantiated the number. Flight hours aside, many on the left are now being forced to acknowledge that some of Biden’s Chinese connections may be unsavory.

In August, CNN’s Jake Tapper surprised many in the mainstream when he told viewers that former President Trump had been right in 2020 when he accused the Biden family of doing business in China. Biden, who was running for president at the time, denied the accusations in a now well-remembered televised moment.

It is now known that Hunter Biden used his father’s home address to receive $260,000 from Chinese nationals.

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