Tim Scott Wants to “Destroy” the Russian Military

(RepublicanNews.org) – During the GOP presidential primary debate on November 8th, Senator Tim Scott appeared to go on the offensive against Russia. Though the legislator stopped short of saying that American troops should actively engage Kremlin soldiers on the battlefield, he did make remarks that seemed to say it would be in the United States’ best interests for the Russian armed forces to be destroyed.

Scott’s comments came in response to a question from the debate’s moderator, NBC’s Kristen Welker. The anchor asked each of the event’s five contenders if they would authorize additional funding for the war in Eastern Europe should they eventually be elected President of the country.

Scott did not give a decisive yay or nay to Welker’s query, but most would likely interpret his somewhat lengthy response as an affirmative answer. He appeared to say that Ukraine should indeed receive aid from the United States, but not in blank-check form.

Funding for the Ukrainian war should have a “level of accountability” in which taxpayers are provided with an understanding of how their resources have been used, he said. Only after those assurances can be offered to voters can we address “the overall strategy” of finding a way to degrade Russia’s military, Scott said.

After Scott gave Welker his presidential stipulations regarding Ukrainian aid, he referenced NATO’s Article 5, which obligates each member country to come to the defense of any nation in the group that has been attacked. NATO was originally created as a Western European counterbalance to the threat posed by post-World War II Russia.

Scott said that the quickest way to ensure that American troops are not needed for combat operations in Europe would be for “us to destroy,” at least to a certain extent, Moscow’s military forces. Since Russia first invaded Ukraine in February of 2022, Congress has given the country some $75 billion in foreign aid, about $44 billion of which was military-related.

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