Tim Scott Warns Americans About “Sinister” Radical Left Agenda

(RepublicanNews.org) – The forces of leftism are behind what Senator Tim Scott says is a “sinister” agenda bent on reversing the progress minorities have made in their decades-old nationwide fight against racism. Scott, who himself is black, made the comments during an October 23rd campaign speech in the Windy City.

While many may have been understandably distracted by recent events in Israel, primary season has remained in full swing here in the United States. The Senate’s lone black legislator has continued his pursuit of the GOP’s upcoming presidential nomination and his latest stop took him to Chicago’s South Side.

Scott’s appearance at New Beginnings Church addressed the area’s well-known and well-covered issues of extreme crime and severe economic disparity. Chicago has long been controlled by progressives, and Scott did not fail to point that certainty out to attendees. He accused the area’s liberal establishment of exploiting issues of class and race for their own benefit.

Liberals, Scott said, would rather lower the social and economic expectations for their black constituents than “raise the bar for their own leadership.” He accused the city’s leaders of “permanently stacking the deck against” the area’s black population.

Many conservatives and academics, including Scott, are of the opinion that Chicago’s ongoing plethora of crises is perpetuated by design. They accuse Democrats of intentionally implementing policies that are engineered to keep voters dependent on welfare programs and government handouts while simultaneously keeping progressives in powerful positions over the long term.

Scott pointed out what he viewed to be the hypocrisy of those policies and said that in spite of liberals, saying that they want low-income voters and those of color to climb out of disparity, their actions convey the opposite message.

The South Carolina lawmaker said that as long as Chicago’s constituents are “voting blue,” the city’s leaders don’t care what happens to voters. Instead of helpful solutions, Scott opined, they offer nothing but distractions and racial division.

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