Time To Build a Wall Around Illinois?

(RepublicanNews.org) – The Republican Party Chair for the State of Illinois suggested building a wall around the state to prevent its citizens from fleeing.

Chairman Tim Schneider made the remark during a live-stream event hosted from the 2020 Republican National Convention on August 24.

Schneider and Illinois Republican National Committeeman Richard Porter discussed the day’s events and predicted President Trump would carry Illinois due to “lawlessness in Chicago.”

Attributing the recent crime wave plaguing the city to Democratic leadership, Schneider lashed out at Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D). According to Schneider, she protected her neighborhood behind a wall of 150 police officers while the rest of the city erupted in looting, shootings, and murders.

Continuing, Schneider said Illinois needed to turn Republican again, or “we’re going to need a wall… just to keep people in [the state].”

Sadly he has a point. The Chicago Tribune reported 464 homicides so far this year as of August 16, and 2,500 shooting victims as of August 17.

However, all that could turn around given the right leadership. Although Illinois has experienced an affinity for electing Democrats the past few years, Schneider’s prediction could come true as long as Republicans get out and vote this year.

When Republicans vote, states win!

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