Top American Defense Contractors Also Serve Chinese Military

Top American Defense Contractors Also Serve Chinese Military

America’s Largest Defense Contractors Are In Bed With a Major Foreign Enemy

( – The US is home to one of the world’s largest defensive militaries. However, maintaining that force isn’t cheap; it costs the government billions of dollars every single year. The recent news that a handful of America’s largest defense contractors may be double-dipping by doing business with China is raising new questions about corporate motives.

According to Fox News, Boeing, Bell Flight, Lockheed-Martin, and Raytheon all have ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Reporters from the media outlet spoke with Isaac Stone Fish, founder and CEO of the Chinese risk consultancy company Strategy Risks. He claims these ongoing relationships pose a serious risk to national security.

Stone Fish highlighted Raytheon, which is responsible for manufacturing US Tomahawk cruise missiles for the US military. It also just happens to be the parent company of Collins Aerospace Systems (CAS) and Pratt & Whitney (P&W). Both companies, serving as subsidiaries of Raytheon, retain direct business ties to China. CAS has nine joint ventures and a total of 15 different brick-and-mortar outfits in the communist country.

P&W produces engines for Chinese aircraft and retains ownership over two offices in Beijing and Shanghai. The company apparently produces around 40% of China’s civilian helicopter engines while also manufacturing aircraft engines for the government-owned Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China. It, too, has direct ties to China’s military.

While these defense contractors may just be conducting business as usual, it’s difficult to deny the potential risks China could pose to US national security. Do these corporations truly care about the safety of America and its ideals… or are they only concerned with making profits?

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