Top Dem Tweets About Indigenous People’s Day – Then Critics Step In

Elizabeth Warren Mocked For

Elizabeth Warren Draws Backlash for Social Media Post on Indigenous People’s Day

( – Many cities across America celebrate “Indigenous People’s Day” in place of the traditional Columbus Day. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) recently attempted to promote the new holiday on her Twitter account. However, the move quickly backfired, as evidenced by the number of people mocking her post.

Warren wrote that Indigenous People’s Day was a time for people to celebrate Native tribes and their communities for their contributions, rich culture, and resilience. The Democrat seized the chance to urge the federal government to recommit previous promises it made to Native Americans.

It didn’t take long for other Twitter users to make fun of Warren and her tweet. Spencer Brown, the managing editor for, told followers to “imagine being Elizabeth Warren” and attempt to continue virtue signal on issues regarding Native Americans. Gerry Callahan, a podcast host, wrote that Warren honored indigenous people by stealing their money, jobs, and opportunities, claiming there wasn’t a single American alive that has taken more from Natives than the Democratic lawmaker.

The controversy surrounding Warren’s heritage is nothing new. In 2019, the Washington Post revealed a State Bar of Texas form from 1986 where Warren identified herself as “American Indian.” In the 80s and 90s, she also reportedly stuck to her claims when she worked for multiple universities, including Harvard Law School.

Warren took a DNA test in 2018 to determine her heritage, only to reveal that she was 1/64 to 1/1024 Native American. According to Fox News, this led to criticisms that her percentage is smaller than even that of most White Americans. After she took the test, she was also slammed in a statement by Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin, Jr., who called her use of the test to prove her heritage “inappropriate and wrong,” adding that it “dishonor[s] legitimate tribal governments and their citizens.”

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