Top Democrat Met With Chinese Seeking to Influence American Politics

Top Democrat Met With Chinese Seeking to Influence American Politics

( – China wants to expand its grip on the world and push its pro-Communist ideology on foreign leaders. Of course, the United States is one of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) biggest threats and targets.

It’s not surprising the CCP would attempt to push Communism in the US, but it is concerning that people are allowing it, even encouraging it. Eric Adams, a Democratic candidate in the New York City mayoral race, met with leaders of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) in 2017 while on a trip to China. As the public face of the CCP’s billion-dollar effort, the United Front Work Force, CPAFFC seeks to neutralize any opposition to CCP ideology and policies.

In July of 2020, the US State Department signaled that the CPAFFC directly and with malicious intent tries to influence politics in the US. Given the history of the CPAFFC, one would assume no American politician would want to associate with them. Yet, Adams still decided to meet with the group during his time as Brooklyn, NY’s Borough President.

The meeting between Adams and the CPAFFC took place in Beijing, China. A press release from the CPAFFC indicated the mayor of Brooklyn, NY, would be meeting with Director Zhang Heqiang. The CPAFFC described Adams’s takeaway from the meeting, noting the Brooklyn mayor hoped to continue exchanging friendship with China and promote bilateral cooperation in regard to culture, commerce and youth.

Now that Adams is running to be the mayor of New York City, one might legitimately question whether or not he has the city’s best interests in mind. Will he put the people of New York before China or vice versa? The answer matters. If it’s the latter, it could spell trouble for Americans if he’s successfully elected.

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