Top Democrats Call for Ban of Semi-Automatic Rifles (REPORT)

Top Democrats Call for Ban of Semi-Automatic Rifles (REPORT)

( – The Democrats’ hope to wrestle control of the Senate from Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) appears to be fading quickly with the recent news that Republicans secured 50 seats so far. That means Democrats would need to win both of Georgia’s runoff elections next year, and the presidency, for Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to take over for McConnell.

With everything on the line, Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff hopes to defeat Republican incumbent Sen. David Perdue for his seat representing Georgia by campaigning to enact a ban on high-capacity magazines and semi-automatic rifles. To put this in context, nearly 50% of Georgians are proud gun owners.

As you can from the tweet below, gun rights groups like are pushing back on Ossoff’s campaign. They’ve also targeted Raphael Warnock, the Democratic candidate in Georgia’s other runoff election.

Ossoff is also campaigning for universal background checks for all gun purchases, the passage of red flag laws and tightening restrictions on gun show sales.

There’s a lot at stake over the outcome of Georgia’s special election. The future of the Second Amendment itself could be on the line. The last thing proud gun owners want is an anti-gun Democratic majority in the Senate.

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