Toyota Claims It Has Revolutionary Battery Tech

( – Toyota has announced a breakthrough in battery technology for its electric vehicles. The second biggest maker of cars in the world has said the new tech will make batteries half the cost, size, and weight of those currently in production.

Current batteries are liquid-based and not as efficient as what Toyota claims is on the way to the market.

On July 4th, the company said it had found a way to simplify the production process and that the discovery would lead to drastically cut charging times and increased total range.

Citing the expense, weight, and size of current batteries, the company said, “We will aim to halve all of these factors.”

Business economics professor David Bailey said that if Toyota’s projections are true, the company would find itself in a “landmark moment” for the industry. The professor said that breakthroughs are often made during prototype stages, but that “scaling it up” proves to be difficult. He went on to say that if the company’s predictions are proved accurate, they would lead to the “holy grail” of batteries.

Keiji Kaita of Toyota said the business has developed battery tech that is more durable. He believes they can engineer a solid-state battery with a range of almost 750 miles that takes only 10 minutes to charge.

Toyota’s original projected date for releasing cars with solid-state batteries was 2025, but the Financial Times has reported that the company is now projecting a release date of 2027.

In March, President Joe Biden penned an executive order that would see 50 percent of all new automobiles be emissionless by 2030. California has stated it plans to ban combustion engines in new cars altogether within a decade.

Critics of EVs and the green revolution have said the market depends on government subsidies to survive because the technology is not on par with gas-powered vehicles. One report showed that General Motors loses money on every EV sold.

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