Treasure Hunter Claims FBI Stole His Massive Find

( – The FBI is guilty of stealing a massive horde of Civil War treasure, according to the man who claims to have found it first. Dennis Parada has devoted his life to finding Lincoln-era spoils and the digger insists that agents unearthed $500 million of gold from a Pennsylvania dig and then lied about it.

The treasure hunter searches for Civil War stashes with his son Kem as part of the firm Finders Keepers. The duo is among historians who believe that post-Civil War Confederate sympathizers hid stashes of gold and other valuables in locations around both the North and South as a means of funding a future Confederate government.

The conspiracy comes complete with its own 1800s secret society that was responsible for treasure maps, codes, and buried stashes. Investigative journalist Warren Getler documented the history behind the search for southern treasure in his book, Rebel Gold. In 2017, Getler began working with and assisting Parada.

After much searching, Parada believed he had found the site of a Union caravan ambush in Elk County, Pennsylvania. A preliminary inspection with radar equipment told Parada there was a large amount of precious metal beneath the ground that had the same density as gold.

Parada then called the FBI in good faith and their own testing reportedly yielded the same results. The agency brought in more than 50 agents and began digging.

Parada claims that agents isolated him from the dig by forcing him to wait in a vehicle outside the ongoing excavation. He says that all evidence points to agents having found a trove of gold and then returning under the cover of darkness to finish their excavation in secret.

The FBI has denied finding anything. Parada says that local eyewitness testimony conflicts with FBI accounts and that the agency has altered or deleted videos and photographs of the dig. The treasure hunter is currently engaged in a lawsuit against the agency.

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