Troops Relieved of Mission Guarding Capitol

Troops Relieved of Mission Guarding Capitol

( – The January 6 riot at the Capitol Building exposed several serious security failures. Washington, DC, officials called in the National Guard, and they’ve been patrolling the Capitol Complex as well as manning roadblocks and other barriers for the last four months. All that ended over the weekend after DC officials declined to extend that mission.

A spokesperson for the Washington, DC, National Guard Public Affairs office told local news station WUSA-9 that the Capitol Police Department had not requested the troops remain at the Capitol Complex beyond May 23, thus ending their term of service at the Capitol Complex.

According to that spokesperson, all out-of-state troops returned to their home states over the weekend, and the Washington, DC, National Guard will return to its normal operations effective Monday, May 24.

The House Appropriations Committee is considering legislation to create a permanent Quick Response Force in Washington, DC, to back up the Capitol police in the event of future emergencies.

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