Trump And Giuliani Accused Of Multi-Million Dollar Racket

( – Yet another civil lawsuit against former President Donald Trump involves a rape claim, but this time the accusation is aimed at Trump’s former lawyer.

This suit accuses former Trump lawyer and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, of repeatedly raping his employee. Noelle Dunphy, the former director of business for  Guiliani’s law firm, filed the suit, claiming that Trump and Giuliani schemed to sell presidential pardons for $2 million each. 

The U.S. Constitution gives presidents the power to pardon any individual for a federal crime, but this power does not extend to violations of state laws. 

Dunphy’s suit claims her former boss, Giuliani, asked her “if she knew anyone in need of a pardon.” She also claims Giuliani told her that they were for sale for $2 million and that he and Trump would split the proceeds. 

The process for applying for presidential clemency requires applying through the Office of the Pardon Attorney. Dunphy alleges in her suit that Giuliani said she could refer any pardon requests directly to him, making sure the proposals do not go through the Pardon Attorney’s office, as that correspondence would be subject to the Freedom of Information Act. 

Neither lawyers for Trump nor Guiliani have yet commented on the suit. But Guiliani did speak through spokesman Ted Goodman, saying that he “unequivocally” denied the charges. Goodman said Guiliani would “pursue all available remedies and counterclaims.”

The Office of the Pardon Attorney has a substantial backlog of 17,000 applications, according to Bloomberg News. It is usual for an application to take years to come to a conclusion. 

Donald Trump granted few pardons during his presidency when compared to other recent presidents. For example, former President Barack Obama granted clemency to more than 1,300 individuals. For Trump, the number was only 240. 

While it is not clear what effect this civil suit may have on efforts to prosecute Trump for alleged bribery, it is likely that taking money for pardons would constitute a federal crime.

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