Trump Calls Mitch McConnell “Weak, Pathetic” Leader

Trump Calls Mitch McConnell

( – The Wall Street Journal reported last week that an expert panel, convened by a group of pollsters, determined that public opinion polls for the 2020 elections overstated Joe Biden’s support in the largest “polling miss in 40 years.” Former President Donald Trump issued a strongly worded statement in response to that report.

Trump’s May 15 response stated the inaccuracies were “done purposely” as part of an effort to suppress the vote. Some of the numbers were so low that many of his supporters decided to stay home on election day, thinking there was no way he could win.

Trump also lashed out at Republicans like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) for not backing his claims surrounding election fraud. Had McConnell not been a “weak and pathetic leader,” Trump said, America would have a Republican in the White House who could veto the Democrats’ “horrific Socialistic Bills” working their way through Congress.

Trump concluded by saying Republicans needed to rally behind him to push back against Democratic efforts to open the border, raise taxes, and more.

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