Trump Campaign Exposes Biden for Running Negative Trump Ads

Trump Campaign Exposes Biden for Running Negative Trump Ads

( – Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden’s campaign promised to pull negative campaign ads attacking President Donald Trump on Oct. 2, after learning the president and First Lady Melania Trump tested positive for the coronavirus. However, the Trump campaign stated it found nearly 100 ads “slandering the president” continued airing over the weekend.

Fox News confirmed those remarks, reporting on Oct. 3 that Biden attack ads still aired in several battleground states, including North Carolina, Nevada, New Hampshire, Florida, and Minnesota.

The Biden campaign claimed it wasn’t a simple task to remove ads scheduled on hundreds of television stations. According to them, it could take at least 24 hours for the ads to get pulled from the scheduled rotation. But, it’s not just ads. Biden continued smearing the president during campaign speeches throughout the weekend.

As the Trump campaign’s Andrew Clark stated, the Biden campaign hoped to trick the media into thinking they were the “good guys.” However, they weren’t being truthful and ended up getting caught.

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