Trump Campaign Manager Warns Ilhan Omar Is the “Most Dangerous” Democrat Right Now

Trump Campaign Manager Warns Ilhan Omar Is the

( – Political rhetoric heats up with accusations flying all over the place as election day draws near, particularly when it comes to campaigning in key battleground states like Minnesota.

A key element of the Trump campaign’s message is pointing out Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s weakness in caving to extreme elements in his party. The concern is radical leftists like Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and other members of “The Squad” could force Biden to take extreme positions parallelling theirs should he win the upcoming election.

This strategy came into play last week, when Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien declared Ilhan Omar the country’s “most dangerous Democrat” during an October 23 phone call with media outlets.

Supporting those remarks, Stepien warned of Omar’s recent calls to “defund the police” and her support for the Green New Deal. Continuing, he said radical Liberals like Omar had pushed Democrats so far to the left that Omar’s home state constituents can’t “recognize” the Party anymore.

With any luck, Stepien’s warning serves as a rallying cry for Republicans and persuades any stragglers to get out the vote next week. American democracy itself could be on the line.

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