Trump Celebrates Romney’s Retirement Announcement

( – A September 13th announcement from Republican Senator Mitt Romney that he would not be seeking reelection in Utah’s 2024 general election was met with what appeared to be outright joy from former President Donald Trump. The ex and future-hopeful head of state quickly jumped on his Truth Social platform to call the 76-year-old senator’s decision a “FANTASTIC” decision for the entire country.

Trump’s all-caps defiance of the status quo was in full effect and the 45th President further slammed the one-time Obama challenger by saying that he had failed to hold office “with distinction” during his career. The former President also alluded to Romney’s well-known use of a pseudonymous anti-Trump Twitter account, under which the Utah senator posted under his alias, Pierre Delecto.

Romney’s partial online anonymity was eventually upended after a report linked the account in question to him. Although a war of words between the two men has been ongoing for nearly as long as most can remember, such was not always the case. In February of 2012, both men exchanged pleasantries in front of cameras when Romney successfully sought out an endorsement from Trump in his bid for the White House.

It was not until 2016 when Trump was seeking the Presidency himself that their relationship turned sour. The two began trading regular verbal blows, and the contentious nature of their relationship never ended. Words like “dumbest, fraud, and disaster” were not off limits between the two.

The Republican senator’s choice not to seek office after his current term expires is reportedly for reasons of both age and ideology. He is said to anticipate an unwinnable primary challenge in which the majority of Utah voters favor factions that are aligned with Trump.

The aging Senator has also said that younger candidates need to “step up” and lead the Republican field. Romney recently referred to Trump as a “populist demagogue” and suggested that voters are clearly leaning in his direction.

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