Trump Drops Lawsuit Against Michael Cohen

( – Former President Donald Trump has dropped his lawsuit against ex-personal attorney Michael Cohen for reasons his team appears to say are related to the scheduling conflicts caused by a combination of courtroom and campaign appearance obligations. Trump was due to sit for a deposition in the case on Monday, October 9th.

Earlier in the week, Trump scheduled a New Hampshire campaign rally for the same day. The former head-of-state’s lawyers requested that the case’s presiding judge reschedule the deposition for Sunday, October 8th, but the federal magistrate declined to do so, citing the fact that the ex-president had already rescheduled the deposition twice before.

Trump, who is facing 91 charges in four separate indictments, has complained at length about his courtroom obligations preventing him from being able to campaign effectively. In August, he appeared to suggest that the charges were intentionally designed to force him to spend his time and energy away from the Iowa and New Hampshire campaign trails.

The October 5th termination of Trump’s suit against Cohen was filed “without prejudice,” which means the former President can re-file the case against his ex-fixer at a later date if he so chooses. Though the ex-Commander-in-Chief’s lawyers did not provide a specific reason for the termination, they clarified that their client intended to pursue Cohen again once his other legal obligations were handled.

In his own statement, Cohen suggested that Trump’s decision to drop the suit was tied to his upcoming deposition. He appeared to say that his former boss was fearful of being made to answer questions from defense attorneys in an under-oath format on October 9th. He referred to the former President’s move as an “attempt to bypass routine discovery procedures.”

Before the suit was dropped, Trump had been seeking $500 million in damages from his former New York-based attorney, whom he claimed was guilty of violating both a confidentiality contract and attorney-client privilege.

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