Trump Fined Again for Violating Gag Order

( – While his reason for doing so could be argued, few would likely ever attempt to suggest that Judge Arthur Engoron did not appear gleeful when he posed for cameras at the start of former President Trump’s civil trial in New York. The smiling official, who is supposed to be helming the case in a nonpartisan fashion, has now punished the ex-Commander-in-Chief for a second time.

Trump’s apparent violation of Engoron’s gag order resulted in the former President being handed a fine that was double his previous sanction of $5,000. The man who was once the leader of the free world has been made to pay $15,000 in penalties and some in the mainstream are asking if his next violation could land him in jail.

Before heading into the Manhattan courtroom on October 25th, Trump had commented to reporters that an unnamed person sitting adjacent to Judge Engoron was “very partisan.” Once inside, he ordered Trump to the witness stand and demanded to know who the former President had been referring to.

The judge’s order bars Trump from making comments, especially the disparaging variety, about a number of people involved in his case. In Trump’s latest instance, Engoron appeared convinced that the defendant was referring to his clerk and he asked him as much.

The former President insisted that his reference was aimed at Michael Cohen, who was scheduled to testify later in the day. In times past, Trump has referred to his former point man as both “a rat” and “a liar.” While those descriptors may be up for debate, Trump’s previous reference to Cohen as “a felon” is not. His one-time fixer spent time in federal prison.

As evidenced by his decision to fine the ex-head of state, it would appear that Engoron did not buy Trump’s explanation. Following the judge’s decision, legacy media uniformly reported that Trump angrily “stormed out of” the proceedings, though he later returned.

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