Trump Gag Order “Uncharted Territory,” According To Legal Experts

( – In developments that many conservatives are likely to interpret as nothing more than an establishment attempt at preventing the former Commander-in-Chief from talking about potential election tampering, Donald Trump just became the first presidential candidate in American history to be hindered by a gag order.

According to a bevy of legal experts and historians, U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan’s October 16th decision was unprecedented. Only one day before her move, Trump posted to Truth Social that the judicial official was “highly partisan.” Unless the former President breaks the rules that have been imposed upon him, such comments are no longer legally permitted.

As per the order, the ex-President will be barred from making any public statements, written or otherwise, about anyone involved in the case other than those in the employ of the defense. Jack Smith, who is the special counsel, his team of staff, potential witnesses, and all court personnel will be protected by Chutkan’s order.

On October 15th, Trump referred to the special counsel as “deranged.” It was at least the second time the former President has used said terminology when describing Jack Smith. In mid-September, when the government’s lead attorney first requested that a gag order be imposed in the case, Trump lashed out on social media and said he had become the victim of a system that had “weaponized the DOJ.”

Many are expecting Trump’s legal team to quickly file an appeal. Zach Smith, a legal fellow with the Heritage Foundation, called the latest happenings an extremely “serious matter.” Smith pointed out that Trump, who is leading the field of 2024 presidential candidates, will be the first contender in history to have his “campaign trail” speech limited.

Bill Shipley, a well-known ex-federal prosecutor, said it’s “quite possible” that Chutkan’s decision will become the vehicle that gets Trump a hearing in front of the Supreme Court.

Jack Smith referred to the order as “uncharted” legal “territory.”

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