Trump in Discussions Over His Next Social Media Plan

Trump in Discussions Over His Next Social Media Plan

( – The fall and rise and eventual resurrection of Donald Trump’s social media presence continues playing out. Twitter permanently de-platformed Trump’s account. Facebook’s indefinite suspension of his account remains in place. Parler remains offline except for a landing page promising to return soon.

Former Trump communications strategist and Senior Advisor Jason Miller spoke to Breitbart News about Trump’s upcoming reemergence on social media on Saturday, February 6.

Miller predicted Trump would return to social media, either joining an existing site or creating his own platform. Continuing, he stated that Team Trump has been conducting meetings on the matter, looking at various options.

Asked to clarify, he responded that all options are on the table. Trump’s going to return to social media. It’s just a matter of determining “which avenue” works the best for providing a way to connect with his followers online again. Some users are excited about the possibility.

Big tech companies can try to throttle Trump’s voice, but between the continued loyalty of his base and his outstanding financial resources, it’s only a matter of time before he dominates social media again.

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