Trump Issues Statement on Military Equipment Left With Taliban

Trump Issues Statement on Military Equipment Left With Taliban

( – President Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan abandoned an untold number of US citizens and thousands of Afghan allies behind. His arbitrary deadline of August 31 for a full withdrawal also resulted in the forced abandonment of billions of dollars worth of military equipment. As one might expect, former President Donald Trump weighed in on the disaster shortly after US personnel departed the war-torn country, supposedly for the last time.

On August 30, Trump released a statement calling out Biden for overseeing the most incompetent withdrawal in history. Continuing, Trump said the Biden administration should demand the immediate return of all equipment left in the country along with “every penny” the US effort in Afghanistan cost American taxpayers.

If the Taliban refused, Trump said American forces had two options. They could “bomb the hell” out of Afghanistan or return with the full might of the US military. Trump concluded his statement by expressing amazement at Biden’s “feeble-brained withdrawal.”

Looking at the numbers, the former president has a point. US troops reportedly left nearly 100 military vehicles, 73 aircraft, and untold numbers of weapons and ammunition behind as they departed Afghanistan. Military officials initially said they disabled the equipment before they departed. However, they later acknowledged that some of the equipment abandoned behind could prove useful to the Taliban.

You can see for yourself what one airport hanger full of American equipment looked like shortly after American forces withdrew in the video above.

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